sharkRF One Hotspot Device with One Radio

One device or Hotspot with one transceiver and have it all.

Question ?
I was going to ask about the sharkRF box as I thought I could get away with buying a $200-300 radio and use all the digital modes on the sharkRF with a regular single digital mode radio/transceiver.

False, the truth is although with one hotspot or sharkRF openSPOT box you may have many modes (Dstar, C4FM, DMR, NXDN) available for use.  With some exceptions of a few link talkgroups crossover or cross modes in example: C4FM to NXDN and DMR to C4FM.   A hardware transceiver radio for each mode is still needed to use all talkgroups as of this article date.

As of Mar.2019 - the mode P25 is not available in the sharkRF openSPOT/openSPOT2

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