SharkRF openSPOT WI-FI Version

SharkRF openSPOT WI-FI Version
When :: 144mHZ  2 meter Shark ?
Is there a 2 meter Shark coming in 2018??
Why not a dualbander, that would be awesome

I have been waiting over a year for the wi-fi version to be released, especially since being promised the wi-fi version should be released in mid 2017.

openSPOT2 2019

Since then, there have been several alternatives show up. ALL with wi-fi enabled. I can't help but think that the open spot will start losing sales if they don't start selling a wi-fi version.

My only thought is that SharkRF must have ordered a large number of units to keep pricing down and is now afraid to release a wi-fi version knowing that they would be stuck with the non wi-fi versions which would not sell.

I must say that the open spot is an EXCELLENT PRODUCT, but it is now obsolete. For those of you who have been waiting patiently like me, I would encourage you to look at the nano-spot made by micro-node international.

I own their nano-node for IRLP and it works great. Please forgive me if I seem hard on SharkRF, but they need to know what customers want, and that we won't wait forever for the wi-fi version.
 Best Regards, WA7BND

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