The SharkRF OpenSPOT new review

The SharkRF OpenSPOT new review
This is the long version video of the QST review video (October 2017 edition).
I also did the Tekk D-500 HT (DMR+FM) and the Kenwood TH-D74. If you visit my personal website, you will find the PDF article for all of them in the publication page.

Pascal VA2PV
This video was publish with a reprinted permission, [October 2017] QST; copyright ARRL.

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  1. Anonymous03:29

    Good review Pascal! I like what the OpenSPOT offers but I'm holding out to see if they come out with the built in wifi capability. I would use it primarily in a portable/mobile configuration and would want to tether it to my cell phone or hotspot without having to add a wireless router


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