SharkRF openspot as a Full duplex DMR repeater?

SharkRF openspot as a Full duplex DMR repeater?

I am mostly interested whether it will be possible to use the device as a full duplex DMR repeater even if only on local.

More then 20mW RF would also be terrific.

I am also curious if it is a small repeater or just another DV4mini. I do not need more than 20mW (actually, I think I will set it up on one of the european LPD 70cm channels and those are limited to 10mW).

Answer ::
As the webpage says, openSPOT can work in base station mode, so that your radio will see it as a real repeater with an uplink and downlink frequency. DMR radios only consider two timeslots if the other party is a repeater, not a mobile station, that's why openSPOT has a base station mode. However, openSPOT is not a full duplex DMR repeater, it only repeats received voice/data in one timeslot on the other one if timeslot repeating is turned on.

You will be able to link openSPOT to reflectors in DMRplus and Brandmeister networks. We also plan support for linking two openSPOTs together.

Act as a repeater?
openSPOT is basically a hotspot/IP gateway with experimental DMR timeslot repeating capabilities. Please see openSPOT's page at or it's user manual at for a full feature list.

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