OpenSPOT Reroute HOW-TO ( Solved )

OpenSPOT Reroute HOW-TO with MD-380
sharkrf OpenSPOT Reroute TG9 calls to ID

My question is, is there a way to use the Manual Dial feature on the MD380 to connect to another group call? I can only make it connect to another private call.

If you go to the menu of the MD380 you will see "contacts". go into contacts and you will see "manual dial" enter that sub menu, key the desired reflector/TG/Private ID and press ptt.

that links me up to a private call instead of a group call

The question is regarding linking talkgroups and reflectors on the Brandmeister network. You can link talkgroups by starting a short group call to the group ID, and you can link reflectors by starting a short private call to the reflector ID.

You can only manual dial private calls on the MD380. If you want to dial group calls, you have to add them to your contact list using the CPS programmer software.

It took a while, but I'm starting to get a better sense of how to get some use out of the OpenSPOT. As part of the process, I'm trying to get others up to where I've managed (with the help of others). Much of the text below is a result from that.

My base load programming for the MD-380 includes (almost) all the English talkgroups for the world (100+), plus some others not on every list (a common source is hard to find, it's a living dynamic list so some sites are more current than others). With this in mind... I'm currently using the .96 firmware, so adjust accordingly.

If you want to use OpenSPOT rerouting ability (you do), on the CONNECTOR page, under the setting "Reroute DMR TG 9 calls to ID (0 to disable)" enter a non-zero number (it's dynamic, it'll change during use, just don't use ZERO) then SAVE. The OpenSPOT will reset (and may speak if you have that option set as well).

Then when the OpenSPOT is NOT talking (it's half duplex, green light OFF):

Go to TG 9 on your MD-380 for your OpenSPOT.

On the front panel of the MD-380, there is a green button on the upper LEFT corner, just below the display. Press that for MENU.

You'll see Contacts highlighted. Press the Green Button again.

You'll see Contacts again (with other options) press the green button.

You'll see a list of contacts that have been stored in the programming, now (without pressing the green button);

Using the UP/DOWN buttons on the front panel (in between the green and red buttons) 'scroll' through the list of TG until you highlight the one you want. Yes, it's tedious, the only faster ways I'll mention in a moment.

When the TG you want is highlighted, press the PTT (TX button) for a second or two, NOT the green button. That sends out a GROUP CALL to that TG and tells the OpenSPOT to jump there and reroute. (If you press the green button by mistake, that sends a PRIVATE call to the group, it won't get rerouted.)

The OpenSPOT is now rerouting the TG you selected onto TG9, which is where you started. You will hear/talk on the TG you selected, even though you're on TG 9 locally. VERY COOL stuff.

The ONLY faster way (via radio) is to have more than TG9 programmed into your zone, switch there, short PTT (remember half duplex, wait for the green light to go out) and switch back to TG9. So your favorites can be 'in the zone' and if there is another you want to use, now you know how (a lot of programming data)

The OTHER way is to make a quick GROUP call from the web page (Connectors tab still). At least there all the TG are listed with names as well as numbers, so you have access to a lot.

FYI, Manual dial TG then PTT also sends out a PRIVATE call on the number you manually entered), this is not what you want for rerouting. Private calls are used in reflectors, which I'm told aren't needed anymore on Brandmeister.

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