SharkRF [openSPOT] Is shark rf going to add wifi?

[openSPOT] Is shark rf going to add wifi?

According to Norbert on the SharkRF team, "It will be available sometime later this year. We don't know any time frame yet".

Sorry to be impatient, but it has been nearly 3 months since the last update on an internal WiFi version of the Open Spot. I will definitely buy the WiFi version as soon as it is available!! Can you please give us an update. THANKS.

by HA2NON » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:49 am
It will be available sometime later this year. We don't know any timeframe yet.


  1. Anonymous03:54

    Just as a hint for the external solution - the Huawei E5770 2G/3G/4G router also allows acting as WLAN client, and it can store several profiles, choosing automatically from a prio list one that is locally available. I only entered three profiles, so I did not yet test how many profiles it can handle.

    As I need 4G connectivity anyway, a WLAN/WiFi enabled openSPOT is not a must for me :) However if it is done, it would be great having 2.4 and 5 GHz capability, covering all international frequency bands, including the 5 GHz hamnet range.

  2. Anonymous03:55

    Will you be creating a waitlist or notification list for the WiFi version? Thanks!!

    1. Anonymous03:56

      There will be no wait lists or notification lists.

  3. Anonymous03:58

    I would guess it's no so much "wait" as it is "design, development, prototype, production planning, software development, etc" time. The "about" page on the website only shows 2 folks for the entire company. It's not a quick process, nor would we want it to be. I'd take "do it right" over "do it quickly" any day. Just my two senti.

    As for secrets: I work for a big IT hardware/software company, and release dates are NEVER set in stone, and we have hundreds of devs working to get our stuff out the door. SharkRF is two guys. NOBODY likes it when someones says, "We'll release product X on this date," then the date comes, and they have to push back the release date due to bugs, or production issues, or hardware issues, or whatever. There's no doubt a wifi version would be fantastic, and we shouldn't assume that just because SharkRF hasn't committed to a release date that they aren't being serious or enthusiastic about it.

  4. Anonymous12:08

    The worst thing companies do is is to say we are going to do this or that, you can guarantee it will be a never ending list of questions of "when's it ready?" or "how long before you do this.." Looking at the quoted post above Norbert has said "We don't know any time frame yet" so that means no time frame folks.. as soon as they know they will post something...

  5. You could try getting an ethernet/wifi attachment such as the Iogear GWU627 Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter. Or a different one if your wifi router doesn't have mode N.

  6. Anonymous02:55

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