openSPOT Setup and Interface

openSPOT Setup and Interface

To set up the openSPOT, I connected it to the USB power source and my WiFi router using the supplied Ethernet cable. The openSPOT has two internal micro-controllers, designed to use a web based interface. Once connected to my WiFi router, the openSPOT was accessed by simply logging into //openspot.local. I didn’t need to load any additional software or drivers. Everything is self contained.

At that point, all that was necessary was to enter:
– The operating mode (DMR, C4FM, D-Star)
– My callsign
– My DMR ID (available from DMR-MARC)
– The desired server
– The input and output frequency of my handheld
Note: The openSPOT allows you to select two different frequencies if desired.
After that, a 30 second calibration, and I was on the air.
The LEDs give a clear status indication during operation.

Once configured, time slot, trunk group, etc. information is controlled by your handheld. You set it, and forget it.

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  1. I'm a relatively new Ham, and they recently shutdown our local DMR repeater. I've modified some code plugs, but can't get one to "get out " with my open spot. Is there any way I could get someone to send me a code plug for a cs700 for use with the sharkrf openshot? Could be very simple, being able to connect to somewhere in the central US. I think I could modify it from there. Thanks. If this isn't the proper place to post this, please send me in the right direction.


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