How to Link OpenSpot to a C4FM Repeater?

How to Link OpenSpot to a C4FM Repeater?

We have used a hotspot on our repeaters and found putting it in the repeater case worked for us.
Our repeaters are based around the Yaesu DR-1X.
We have planes to use the cross mode capability of the openSPOT in the future.

openSPOT is basically a hotspot/IP gateway with experimental DMR timeslot repeating capabilities. Please see openSPOT's page at or it's user manual at for a full feature list.

How should i set OpenSpot up as a repeater? I would like to be able to use OpenSpot as a repeater. All this for DMR by the way.

You can use openSPOT in timeslot repeating mode. See the user manual at for more information.
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YAESU DR-1X Repeater

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